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Can you send me a copy of the floorplan? 

Please follow this link to view the live floorplan – you can also download a PDF of the floorplan via this link. If you have any issues, please contact

(Space Only exhibitor) When can I access the hall?

Please contact for your specific timetable which will confirm when your stand is ready for interior decoration and delivery of products.

(Shell Scheme exhibitor) When will my stand be ready?

Please contact for your specific timetable which will confirm when your stand is ready for interior decoration and delivery of products.

Do I need to book a time slot for my vehicle for Build-up and Breakdown?

Yes, in order to access the Lorryway’s when arriving at Excel - Please see ExCeL Voyage Control to book your slot.


Are there trollies available during Build-up and Breakdown?

No, please make sure you bring any equipment to site that you might require to help transport your displays/ goods to your stand. Alternatively, you can request a quote from our official lifting & handling contractor for assistance.

How much lighting do I need on my stand?

This is entirely up to you, depending on how bright you want your stand to be and whether you want to spotlight specific products or displays. As guidance, our electrical contractor recommends a minimum of 2x spotlights for stands up to 18sqm.

How much power do I need on my stand?

This depends on what equipment or devices that you need power for. Please make sure to check the wattage required to run each item.

Listed below are examples of "typical" loadings for items plugged into socket outlets:

500-watt sockets: PC computers, TV’s, video’s, spotlights to 500W, refrigerators
1000-watt sockets: domestic filter coffee machines, lighting up to 1000W
2000-watt sockets: kettles**, machinery up to 2000W
3000-watt sockets: hired coffee machines, machinery 2000W to 3000W

Note ** - these appliances are of varying power requirements dependent upon type or manufacturer. It is therefore essential that the reference tag or plate that is fitted to each appliance under law be read, the loading in watts or kW (kilo Watts = Watts x 1000) will be stated, and the appropriate size socket ordered.

Do I need to complete an Exhibitor Risk Assessment? Even if I have employed a stand contractor to build my stand...

All exhibitors are required by law to complete a Risk Assessment (RA) for their participation at the show, whether that is setting up displays during build-up, your stand activities during the open period or the removal of products from displays during breakdown. The Exhibitor Risk Assessment only covers activities for which the exhibitor is directly responsible, it does not cover organiser, venue or contractor activities. Click here for a RA template.

How do I complete my Exhibitor Risk Assessment?

Using the linked here in the RA template, read the examples and consider what risks/ hazards may present themselves on your stand in line with your stand activities and complete these on the form, followed by what control measures you will put in place to reduce the risk. If you require assistance, please contact

Are there any storage facilities onsite?

There are no storage facilities onsite for exhibitors, if you require storage for packing cases or other items during the open period of the show, please contact our official lifting & handling contractor for assistance. Alternatively, you can arrange for a storage room to be built on your stand please contact Showlite for a quote.

When should I arrange for deliveries for my stand to arrive at Excel?

Please ensure someone from your company is onsite to receive and sign for deliveries, especially if you intend to use a courier to deliver goods. We are unable to sign for goods on your behalf. Deliveries must not be made to site before the first date of tenancy (Saturday 23 March from 0800-2200hrs). If you are making deliveries during the open days of the exhibition, these can only be made between 0800 – 0900hrs, before the exhibition opens.

(Space Only exhibitor) How long do I have to breakdown my stand?

Breakdown will commence at 1630hrs once all visitors have cleared the hall, Space Only exhibitors have until 2200hrs on Wednesday 27 March and 0800-1600hrs on Thursday 28 March to finish breaking down. All items, including any waste, must be removed by the time the hall closes. Please contact for your specific timetable.

(Shell Scheme exhibitor) How long do I have to clear my stand?

Breakdown will commence at 1630hrs once all visitors have cleared the hall, please do not start to clear your stand until this time. Shell Scheme exhibitors have until 2200hrs on Wednesday 27 March to clear the stand. Please contact for your specific timetable.

What do I do with any rubbish during breakdown?

All stand/ promotional materials and waste must be taken away with you. Any waste left behind will be photographed and the disposal of it will be charged to the exhibitor, click here for our waste policy and advice. 

Can I have a drinks reception on my stand or provide hospitality on my stand for visitors?

Please contact the Organisers for permission to have a drinks reception on your stand. If you wish to
provide stand hospitality to visitor’s during the open period, catering should be ordered through Excel London Hospitality. If you would like to bring your own drinks to the venue, you will need to organise to pay the levied corkage fees through, please contact for more information.

Where can I book accommodation near Excel?

We have partnered with Hotel Map to secure you with the best rates, please click here to book online.

Is there Wifi onsite?

ExCeL London has free, unsupported Wi-Fi available in the central Boulevard & halls. Please click here for the alternative internet connection options via the order form or contact

What do I need to do if I am sampling on my stand?

If you intend to sample on your stand, please complete the Health & Safety Declaration to inform us of what product/s you are sampling. You will then receive further information depending on whether you fall into low, medium, or high risk, and be asked to complete a HACCP form (a food risk assessment) which will be reviewed by our food safety advisors, who are also happy to provide advice on how to complete this should you need it.


How do I add press releases and products to my exhibitor listing on the website?

Towards the bottom of the ‘Profile’ section in the Exhibitor Hub, there are options to add press releases, products, and videos, which will then show up on your exhibitor listing on the website.

How do I register for staff badges?

You can register for staff badges within the ‘Create Exhibitor Badge’ section of the Exhibitor Hub. Simply fill in the details and the badges will be emailed to your stand staff.

I filled in the details to create a staff badge but it’s not working. Why is this?

This could be because the email address you’re using has already been used for either a visitor badge or another exhibitor badge. To create separate exhibitor badges, you must use a unique email address. If the email address has been used to register for a visitor badge or you are still experiencing problems, please contact

How can I invite guests to my stand?

Within the ‘Invite Customers’ section, you will find a custom invitation link for your company. This invitation link allows you to invite and then track your guests – meaning that you can follow-up and book a meeting with them at the show.

Alternatively, you can send a pre-customised email directly from the e-zone, with the option to add your own message.

I have invited my guests through the email option in the Exhibitor Hub, but it’s showing up as ‘in progress’. What does this mean?

When the status says ‘in progress’, this means the invitee has started to register but has not completed the entire form and confirmed their registration.

How do I promote my presence at the show?

Under 'Marketing Toolkit', go to 'Download Free Social Graphics' and you will find banners and email signatures. If you're sharing on social, please remember to tag us @The Pub Show and use #PUB24 so that we can engage with your posts.

Who can I contact for Lead Scanner assistance?

If you have an enquiry about the Lead Scanner or need login details, please contact


Are there any other opportunities for me to increase my brand exposure?

If you would like to hear about other branding opportunities, please speak to a member of our commercial team.


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