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Simon Wilson

Simon Wilson

MD, Hashtag Hosts
Hashtag Hosts has years of experience providing world-class quiz and bingo entertaining hosts to venues across the UK. We deliver some of the finest quiz and bingo experiences in the industry, starting with our in-house HQ.FM Quiz Software in licensed venues. We can provide additional services to care homes, weddings, corporate functions, training and education; we have perfected the quizzing format, to ensure a fun and fair game for everyone that fills venues! We know how to pull in a crowd and will launch your quiz and bingo event with a heavily marketed social media campaign, this marketing strategy means that more people hear about the event, enabling us to get more people in your venue and in return allow you to see a growth in your revenue. All of our hosts are trained how to deliver a quiz night the ‘Hashtag Way’; and this alone is our most secret weapon! When you have a Hashtag Host using the HQ.FM Quiz software – you’re onto a winner.

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