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Cut Classics British Grain Vodka (20% ABV)

Club Soda: Mindful Drinking Stand: P508

Clean, creamy and smooth – the classic elements of a full-strength vodka delivered in a softer and lighter 20% ABV style. This award-winning Cut Classic has been carefully crafted to deliver a velvety, mellow ‘light’ spirit with half the alcohol of a typical 40% ABV vodka. Better still, it's also a low calorie vodka; containing half the calories found in a 40% ABV vodka.

Triple distilled for us at a leading UK distillery using 100% British grown wheat, this low alcohol vodka is elegant and gentle on the palate and can be enjoyed straight up or with a mixer. It really comes into its own as a cocktail ingredient - a low ABV vodka is the perfect choice for easy going Bloody Marys on a Sunday morning and lighter styles of Espresso Martini to keep the party going on a Friday night!


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