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Cut Classics Aged Caribbean Rum (20% ABV)

Club Soda: Mindful Drinking Stand: P508

Created exclusively for us by a Master Blender at a centuries old rum house, this blend of exceptional barrel-aged Caribbean rums, showcases classic rum flavours in a smooth and easy drinking 20% ABV style. 

Warming and complex, with loads of personality from nose to finish, it delivers rich spices and notes of vanilla and caramel in an elegant and soft form. It is wonderful to sip neat, and very much at home as part of a cocktail or with your favourite mixer. A low alcohol rum that really packs a flavour punch!

Better still, half the typical alcohol content means that this best-seller also contains half the calories of a 40% ABV rum. So it's a winning low calorie rum option too!

This lighter and healthier low abv rum really can be enjoyed without hesitation or guilt whenever you feel like it!


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