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28 May 2024

TouchPoint 2024: ICRTouch launches brand new contemporary design

TouchPoint 2024: ICRTouch launches brand new contemporary design

ICRTouch, an exhibitor at The Pub Show, is excited to announce it'll be releasing a brand new update for TouchPoint. This enhancement to the brand's flagship software is designed to revolutionise the way customers engage with the solution, offering an updated, exciting user experience. The solution has gained a fresh new look, as well as a range of convenient features, providing clients with the most powerful version of TouchPoint ever.

Here are some of the most ground-breaking features of TouchPoint to expect in 2024.

Brand new aesthetic

The company's flagship software’s aesthetics have been reworked completely. The combination of improved image transparency handling and the new dark theme will provide an even more crisp and user friendly interface. The contemporary look was designed specifically to streamline user navigation and improve ease of use for an enhanced user experience.

Improved performance

As a team, it’s always ICRTouch's priority to continuously improve its software solutions and create industry-leading, user friendly software. Therefore, they've invested significant effort in improving TouchPoint’s system performance to provide a smoother experience for all. The optimised performance streamlines operations by reducing processing time, making TouchPoint more powerful and efficient than ever.

Intuitive iconography

The icons throughout the new design simplify interactions with intuitive visual cues that speak universally. The new intuitive iconography of TouchPoint allows a more aesthetic appeal; with greater customisation of the solution’s interface, user’s will be able to optimise space more efficiently. Icons and symbols are universally recognised, reducing the learning curve for new users, allowing them to quickly grasp and confidently use most features.

Improved button styling

We’ve enhanced the look of image styling on buttons, including transparency improvements. The new design offers a highly customisable contemporary interface, now with millions of text button variations. The keyboard programming function allows you to easily customise the buttons on your till to achieve desired functionality and style.

Compatible with the latest version of TouchPoint, this new-look upgrade will be available from June 2024, so contact your local Authorised ICRTouch Partner today to find out more!

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