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Hashtag Hosts Ltd @ The Pub Show

Hashtag Hosts Ltd @ The Pub Show

We are very excited to announce that Hashtag Hosts will be an active part of The Pub Show 2024. 

They will be there to showcase their HQ.FM plug-and-play software platform.

But, don't just let us talk about it, let them demonstrate it at the show...but how?! 

Well....we are very excited that they will be performing their interactive pub quiz software and bingo software and games live, for you to play, in the beer garden at the show, over the 3 days, where you can see it in full effect! You can meet Hashtag Hosts and they can show you how to engage your audience on tablets, phones (even TV screens) where you can host your Quiz night anywhere and everywhere, as it is an Internet based software multi-platform; it can be used on any (internet-based) device!

In short, HQFM is their all-in-one, browser-based trivia, bingo, and quiz software, requiring nothing more than an internet connection and an audience. They give YOU the power to host your very own quizzes on big screens or direct to users’ phones at the touch of a button and write 2 brand quizzes every week for you - so no need to waste your precious time writing a quiz, they do it for you!

Their quiz database is full to the brim of questions, fully written general knowledge quizzes as well as over 75 different theme fully written quizzes for you to use. They can help you fill your venue and provide you with a fantastic return in the investment you make with them to gain that all important additional mid-week extra revenue using HQFM.

They don’t ask for a big subscription either - only £20 (+VAT) for 24/7 usage, yes…use this this multi-entertainment platform as many times as you want!!

They will be on stand P521 at the back of the bar in the pub garden and they look forward to having some fantastic conversations in bringing their HQ.FM pub quiz software into your venue.

You can access your FREE 7-day trial at: TODAY

Book them in for an appointment during the show too!

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