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16 Apr 2024

Dog snack brand Dewkes on catering to an underserved customer base at pubs and restaurants

Dog snack brand Dewkes on catering to an underserved customer base at pubs and restaurants

Following a successful 2024 edition of The Pub Show, we catch up with supplier Dewkes snacks for dogs, who were promoting their range of delicious doggy delicacies to hospitality owners and operators at the event. 

What do Dewkes do? 

At Dewkes, we create hypoallergenic, grain-free dog snacks for pets who are an integral part of the social scene. Our ethos is simple: designed for “Dogs with A Social Life”, who deserve to enjoy healthy, satisfying snacks, especially when accompanying their owners out of the home. Our products, from the robust 'Beefy Sticks' to the savory 'Fishy Bites', are designed to provide long-lasting delight without compromising on health.  All out packaging is eco-friendly and recyclable made from cellulose and cardboards (our waste bags even use cockle shell as one of the main components!)

What was the inspiration for the business?  

The seed for Dewkes was sown from a simple observation – in an growing market of dog lovers, people love spending quality time with their pets and provisions need to be made when they are out and about in social settings.

What are some of your most popular products? 

Among our suite of popular products, 'Beefy Sticks' stand out for their enduring chewiness, while 'Fishy Bites' offer a splash of omega-rich flavour. These treats have become a staple for our discerning four-legged customers.


What has been the feedback from your customers and clients? 

The response from our two- and four-legged clients has been overwhelmingly positive. Dogs are naturally drawn to our treats' flavours and textures, while owners appreciate the assurance that they're giving their pets something free from harmful additives. Testimonials often highlight how our treats have become a part of their social outings.

How are you partnering with hospitality operators? 

Dewkes partners with establishments in the hospitality industry to enhance the customer experience by making venues more welcoming to pets. Our treats not only encourage longer stays, driving extra revenue and profitability but also help in cultivating a relaxed, pet-friendly environment. This partnership aligns with a venue's service offerings and adds a unique aspect to their business, appealing to the growing community of dog owners who prefer to dine and socialise along with their pets.  The outcome simply put is “Happy Dog, Happy Customer”.

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