After looking at some of the biggest trends of pubs in previous episodes, the fifth episode of the 2019 PUBcast explores the balance between the importance of tradition and the rise of modern technology.

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Technology is driving change in most areas of our lives, including the common pub, and with this rise in popularity, it is difficult for pubs to balance authenticity and tradition - whilst trying to keep up with the changing consumer demands.

Emma Inch will be speaking to industry figures to discuss the importance of heritage and tradition in the world of pubs, whilst also exploring the sort of technology modern pub goers actually want, and how pubs owners can stay ahead of the curve in a way which benefits both themselves and their customers.

“Of course, pubs have to adapt and change with the trends, otherwise they will become museum pieces where they are no longer relevant”

- David Cunningham

In what is heralded as a place where humans interact, technology can seem a daunting prospect, and for some pubs, it is important to keep up the tradition because people have good memories of it from the past (you also wouldn’t want to put off the tourists looking to have a historic British pub experience).

However, different modern consumers have different expectations – including an inherent desire for there to be free WiFi! – and smart publicans will be able to implement technology that serves to help their team, freeing up the staff to continue serving the ‘human’ element of the pub.

To hear how to get the right balance between tradition and technology, listen to Episode #5.


 Talking tradition, apps, and social media, this episode features:

  • Pete Brown – beer writer and chairman of the British Guild of Beer Writer
  • Oisin Rogers - general manager of The Guinea Grill
  • Jane Peyton - founder and principal of School of Booze
  • David Cunningham – programme director of Long Live the Local
  • Nigel Owen - owner of Mother Kelly’s
  • Alistair Hargreaves - co-founder of Wolfpack Lager

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