With consumer demands changing, the fourth episode of The 2019 PUBcast will be looking at the changing face of pubs and the trends driving this change. 

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Nowadays, pubs are a lot different from how they used to be. Originally a place filled with men drinking pints, but it certainly isn’t like that now. Pubs are now attended by people from all walks of life as their appeal and offering has widened. So how and why are pubs changing? In this episode, award-winning broadcaster, Emma Inch sets out to find the answer.

“Pubs are no longer, and should no longer be, just about people drinking alcohol” – David Cunningham

In response to the economic pressures and what people want, publicans are using their spaces more innovatively and increasing their offering to widen their appeal.

We’re seeing some properties now offering food and drink from the morning to the end of the day, whereas traditionally, they would only be open at lunch and in the evenings. And additionally, with the uncertainty of Brexit increasing the demand for ‘staycations’, some pubs are recognising the benefits of offering accommodation to customers in an affordable way, providing a place for people to enjoy a good drink and a meal and extending their visiting time by also being the place they crash out after!

To hear how you should respond to these new market demands, listen to Episode #4 – Talking Trends.

Looking at how to manage the change, innovation and recruitment of pubs, this episode features:

  • Lee Cash - owner of Peach Pubs
  • David Cunningham – programme director of Long Live the Local
  • Geetie Singh-Watson - founder of The Duke of Cambridge
  • Joycelyn Neve - founder and MD of Seafood Pub Company
  • Nigel Owen – owner of Mother Kelly’s
  • Lucy Gaskin – food marketing manager at Fuller’s

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