Are themed pubs and bars the future?

After looking at the biggest food and drink trends for pubs, the third episode of The 2019 PUBcast focuses on what kind experiences can pubs provide to attract and engage more customers.

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In the past, pubs were places people escaped to from their home and a hub for socialisation, however, now our homes are more than comfortable and we have access to good food, inexpensive drinks, and a variety of entertainment without even going outside. So what can attract the modern consumer to visit pubs? Here, Emma Inch will be speaking to leading publicans and key drink providers to find the answer.

Delving into discussion on what sort of experiences are people looking for when they go out, we speak to the ex-Rugby player, who ran a bar out of a bus (but now has a successful microbrewery in Queens Park), and the team looking to revive the conventional pub garden to uncover the answer to how can a pub remain relevant and respond to this new market.

“People need an excuse and a reason to go out now and good pubs provide that” - Pete Brown


Looking at how pubs can become more memorable through various ways, from themed experiences to outrageous new activities, this episode features:

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