Save the date: June 15th is Beer Day Britain (national beer day).

The majority of drinks sold in most pubs are beer which means that beer and pubs are inseparable! 

This year Beer Day Britain is on a Saturday. Father’s Day is on Sunday June 16th so that is a 2-day opportunity to attract people to the pub and sell more beer. 

Beer Day Britain 2019 Logo

Beer Day Britain works by pubs celebrating the country’s national drink in a way that suits them.  In previous years pubs around the UK (and world) have arranged activities as diverse as:

  • Pub games tournaments
  • Fancy dress parties
  • Beer and food matching dinners
  • Participation in ale trails 
  • Special offers on beer and food
  • Charity pub quizzes

The focus of the day is the National Cheers To Beer at 7pm.  This entails people raising a glass of beer and saying ‘Cheers To Beer’ and then posting a social media message with the hashtag #CheersToBeer. In 2018 this hashtag trended for two days - preventing the FIFA World Cup from being the number one trend on Twitter!

June 15th is a significant date because that is the date Magna Carta was sealed in 1215.  Ale is mentioned in Clause 35 of the great charter, hence the country’s national beer day sharing the same date!

Beer Day Britain is a popular initiative with flexibility at its heart.  Download a logo from the website and start making plans to join in the National Party.  

What will you be doing for Beer Day Britain 2019?