This year has been a year of challenge, with the food industry coming under immense pressure to deliver its prime function of feeding the nation; and the industry has delivered. As we continue to navigate this turbulent time, businesses and consumers are re-focusing on the other pressing issues of sustainability for our food system. Now, more than ever we are seeking solutions that help restore nature, health and our climate. The time is now for organic.

Organic September

Organic September was a month-long campaign by the whole sector in the UK to raise the profile for organics with citizen consumers, and the benefits organic food and farming can bring. The campaign encouraged everyone to make a small swap for a big difference. This could have been in the shopping basket or as part of a review of your procurement practice and product offering.

Nature has the answer to restoring our planet – organic works with nature to protect our soil, our wildlife and our world.

The good news is that consumers are listening to businesses that offer planet-centric solutions. With 65% of the population spending more time at home, cooking from scratch, retail saw unprecedented demands for fresh food, with a global increase of 3.2% increase in food sales. During the same period, organic sales grew at twice this rate at 6.1%. This commitment comes after a continued 9-year trend of positive growth for organic.

Soil Association finished this month-long campaign by offering a discovery webinar on the 30th September for food businesses interested in exploring organic. The webinar was aimed at marketeers, technical leads and entrepreneurs that are looking for a sustainable edge to their business. 

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