Celebrating the best things about pubs

After exploring the biggest pub trends, episode 5 of The 2020 PUBcast takes a positive approach to the upcoming year and delves into why we should be celebrating the Great British pub!

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What makes a great pub, publican and pub chef? What can pubs do to make the world a slightly better place? What have we got to feel positive about over the coming year?

Presented by award-winning broadcaster and drinks writer, Emma Inch, episode 5 features leading publicans and industry experts sharing what makes pubs so special to them, plus ahead of selecting the shortlist for the inaugural PUB Awards, the judges discuss what qualities they were looking for in a potential winner.  

“I’ve had so much fun in pubs - you can have endless parties, drinking sessions, you can meet people, you can build relationships with them, it’s just the best place. And it will always be the best place, we’ve just got to look after it and make it more relevant.” - Ian Edward

This episode features:

  • Ian Edward – co-founder of Hippo Inns
  • Jonny Garrett - co-founder of Craft Beer Channel and Beer Writer
  • Jo Bruce – freelance journalist and PR consultant
  • Mark McCulloch - food & drink marketer of Supersonic Inc.
  • John Longden OBE - chief executive of Pub is The Hub

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