How to keep your food offering on-trend

After looking at the biggest drink trends in the world of pubs, the second episode of The 2020 PUBcast explores how to improve your food offering in your pub.

Do people actually want food in pubs? Have you considered your snack offering? And how important is it to have vegan, gluten free and healthier options on your menu? Here, award-winning broadcaster Emma Inch, sets out to find the answers.

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Pubs are places people like to go to grab a bite and a drink, whether it's a mid-week burger, a Sunday roast or even a bowl of crisps shared with friends. However, it can be difficult to know how to make your menu stand out. Industry experts discuss some of the simple steps to make your offering shine. Plus, discover how upgrading your snack selection and finding the perfect pairing with your drinks can add to your revenue stream.

“A lot of the time, successful pubs are the ones that are constantly evolving – they might have the same things on the menu, but extra care and attention are put into them.“ - Mark McCulloch

This episode features:

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