Transforming interiors, connecting people through creative design

Our pub culture is craving a sense of wellbeing, which is why interior design is so important for 2020. Creative interiors open opportunities for pub communities to thrive, relax and enjoy.

Form Creative has specially designed one of our new features, The Watering Hole, to allow visitors a space to relax, host meetings, grab a snack and of course have a drink! With the help of leading product suppliers and expert fit out companies, the design combines comfort, luxury, nature and sustainable touches, creating an innovative pub/bar garden.  

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Innerspace Cheshire are committed to doing business that benefits people and the planet. Framed with a timber pergola structure and caressed with rich, preserved, jungle greenery, the organic structure engages intrigue from every aspect. To complement, the suspended feature lighting supplied by Tala lighting, whose ethos is founded on the premise that good design can help mitigate climate change, creates stunning ambient areas with mindful mood lighting for social connection.

Panaz Fabric’s opulent jewel colourways inspired by the early 20th century with contrasting geometric and optically intriguing prints uses the industry’s first, contract quality, 100% recycled polyester base-cloth. Design and sustainability have been woven with yearns manufactured from recycled plastic into a desirable, long lasting fabric with a delicate, inviting texture, providing a traditionally luxurious, yet modern pub experience!

The essence of nature is transformed into luxurious functionality with an accent coffee table supplied by Nature Squared. The coral and teal, Guinea feather coffee table surface retains nature timelessly like an exquisite piece of art, provoking creative social conversation.

Hubs of sociable environments within The Watering Hole interior have been created with defined furniture space planning. Dynamic variations of dining heights, comfortable seating and communal interactions promote human engagement to help build our sense of wellbeing.

A collection of Hill Cross Furniture coordinates the social hubs with elegant fluted back, 100% sustainable fixed seating by combining design expertise and durability with environmentally friendly finishes. Their Italian crafted chairs with graceful smooth flowing lines and bespoke designed sofas make it perfect for making plans and daydreaming the day away on.

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Whether you're a wet-led or a wet and dry ratio combination establishment, the demands for durability are a necessary mindset and always at the forefront of Form Creative’s design process. Tables are the centre point for most social interactions within the pub experience and need to withstand our increasing dining and drinking requirements. Supplied by Panaz, natural tones and textures of Silicastone, respectful of our planet being never less than 98% recycled provide the ideal table tops. To enhance durability of this beautiful product, a simple glazing process was applied adding to its splendor!

The focal bar design feature captures attention with Grestec’s Sagoon tile, made up of a minimum of 19% recycled material. The Watering Hole bar brings nature's autumnal mustard colouring boldly within the pub scheme with detailed intricate hexagonal tiles cascading across the bar frontage. To top the bar design off, the resilient rustic ecoboard bar top is made from 100% recycled used plastic supplied by Just Contract Furniture.

The days of unfurnished floorboards with sawdust to soak up our fun filled pub experiences are now in the past. Drawing from a traditional wood style floor, the creative flexibility of IVC group’s Studio Moods became the inspiration in creating the bespoke pattern colour wave of authentic looking wood and stone flooring. The bold, defined flooring design flirts with the customers yearning for directional guidance within a space.

The personalisation of interiors can help grow and nurture a pub’s community’s sense of identity. Bric-a-brac provided by Trading Spaces has been used to communicate and convey a sense of identity for The Watering Hole.

Reclaimed timber window signage and the reuse of vintage copper kettles as hanging planters with live plants brings a sense of history to the scheme whilst complimenting the biophilic design. Trading Spaces creatively collaborated with Form Creative, offering innovative ideas and incorporating recycled, reclaimed and sustainable items, enhancing the interior characterisation. 

An interior design journey requires a collective understanding and interpretation between the client, designer, contractors and suppliers. Form Creative’s collaborative mindset brought together leading, innovative and sustainable product suppliers in partnership with an expert fit out company, Faber Bespoke. Faber Bespoke’s fit out experience within the high-end residential and hospitality sectors has provided coordinated project management with precise structural design guidance to ensure a feasible design could be achieved.  A clear programme of work for the bar manufacture and 2-day installation correlates all companies involved to ensure The Watering Hole experience is brought to life at PUB20.

Form Creative thrives on creating diverse and innovative spaces within the hospitality, leisure and luxury residential industries. Their desire to explore and understand their clients’ ideas leads their design journey process. Every client and every project is unique, which results in such diverse interiors. Be sure to experience The Watering Hole, designed by Form Creative, fit out by Faber Bespoke for yourself on 4-5 February 2020!