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02 Feb 2024

High-End Hospitality News Magazine Editorial - Feb 2024

Hashtag Hosts Ltd Stand: P521
High-End Hospitality News Magazine Editorial - Feb 2024
High-End Hospitality News Magazine Editorial - Feb 2024
High-End Hospitality News Magazine Editorial - Feb 2024

Revolutionise Your Quiz Nights with HQ.FM: The Ultimate Hassle-Free Quiz Software 


HQ.FM is excited to announce the launch of its innovative pub quiz and bingo software – a game-changer in the world of entertainment in hospitality. 


Designed to simplify and enhance the experience for hosts and players, this exceptional software offers flexibility, reliability, and engagement without the common hassles associated with traditional quiz and bingo nights. 


Playing pub quizzes and bingo has never been easier or more accessible. With HQ.FM's cutting-edge software, players can join in the fun using any internet-enabled device from anywhere – no app downloads or additional VPN hardware purchases are necessary. 


Whether you're at a cafe, restaurant, or at your favourite pub, HQ.FM delivers an uncompromised gaming experience. 


The software's signature no-download feature means enthusiastic players can dive right into the action without the need to install or update cumbersome apps. 


Additionally, there is no need for costly extra equipment, no tangles of Ethernet cables, and no time-consuming authorisations of equipment. 


This not only saves time but also minimises setup costs, making it a highly cost-effective option for establishments and event organisers. 


With HQ.FM, all you need is any internet-connected device – your laptop, tablet, iPad or smartphone becomes the portal to a world of quizzing excitement


In the rare event of technical difficulties, the HQ.FM Pub Quiz & Bingo Software is equipped with a robust recovery feature, ensuring the game can be immediately resumed on any device, guaranteeing an uninterrupted play experience and maintaining the excitement and competitive spirit. 


Data collection capabilities are also built into the platform, providing valuable insights to hosts and businesses. These insights can help with marketing efforts, tailor future events to audience preferences, and create a more personalised experience for every participant. 


Our unique selling point - "Play literally anywhere" - embodies the freedom and convenience that we are proud to deliver to our customers. 


This philosophy is at the heart of our product, making HQ.FM Pub Quiz & Bingo Software stand out as an indispensable tool for anyone looking to host an engaging and modern quiz or bingo night. 


Join the revolution and bring a new level of entertainment to your establishment with HQ.FM. Step into the future of pub quizzes and bingo – where accessibility meets reliability, and fun meets flexibility. 


We can even supply awesome quiz hosts for you too!


Experience the future of quiz and bingo now. It's time to host and play with HQ.FM – where every question leads to more fun, no strings attached! 


Find us TODAY and access your FREE 7-day trial at:


Follow us on:







For additional information, please contact: 

Simon Wilson - or 07941 322339
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