What’s more Christmassy than cleaning up after everyone?! For Day 4 of the PUB Christmas Calendar, we’ve teamed up with the people behind the world’s most advanced Beer Line Cleaner, FullClear, so you can win...

THE FULLClear Beer Line Cleaning Solution STARTER PACK

Beer Line Cleaning Solution

Valued at £59.99, FullClear’s product set provides the perfect solution for each stage of the clean. By designing and dedicating a product to each part of the beer line cleaning process FullClear ensures that each potential source of bacteria is neutralised and no step is overlooked, minimising the level of bacteria entering the beer lines (and is ultimately designed to help you save money so is essentially a Christmas miracle!)

The winners pack will include:
1 x 5L Beer Line Cleaner Solution
1 x 5L Beer Line Activator Solution
1 X Nozzle Cleaning Tablets & Brushes
1 x Connector Spray

You can either enter on social, or simply by completing the form below - good luck!

Christmas Calendar - Day 4
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