06 - 07 February 2018
Olympia London


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Privacy Policy


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  • “Pubs are innovating, and PUB17 is the place to come and see that innovation and to learn and to take away”
    Brigid Simmonds
    Chief Executive, BBPA
  • "I would encourage people to come to the show. The innovation and ideas on offer here are very valuable to anyone running a pub business"
    Marcus Jones
    Community Pubs Minister
  • "There’s plenty of ideas and inspiration to be found here and it makes perfect sense for it to all be under one roof.”
    Dan Shotton
    Managing Director, Redcomb Pubs
  • "This show gives suppliers a chance to showcase their wares, and you are going to get more things available to customers going forward which will hopefully make their businesses even more successful"
    Nick Miller
    Former CEO, Meantime Brewery
  • "The pub industry has grown up and this show shows how sophisticated it has become. If you come to shows like this, you can pick up ideas all day long”
    Kevin Charity
    Managing Director, the Coaching Inn Group
  • "It is great for finding new suppliers. I have been looking for something for seven years that I found at this show. It is definitely worth putting in the time to come"
    Tim Foster
    Co-founder and Head of being Awesome, Yummy Pubs
  • "It is really important to get like-minded people together at this show. You read lots about other operators in the trade. It is nice to see them in the flesh & share ideas"
    James Nye
    Managing Director, Anglian Country Inns
  • "It’s a great chance to meet up with colleagues from the across the sector, pick up new ideas and talk to a broad range of established and new suppliers"
    Paul Charity
    Managing Director, Propel Info
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